UPDATE: Funding is no longer available. Scholarships are available.

Roseburg, OR (January 31, 2019) – NeighborWorks Umpqua (NWU) is excited to announce free Financial Coaching for all interested individuals or families looking for guidance on their path towards financial freedom, homeownership, or a savings goal in Douglas, Coos, or Curry County. This conveys a more than $50 savings for potential clients, who will only have to pay for a credit report. Our financial coaches are trusted educators and advisors who can help you reach your financial goal.

“Whether you are looking for help in budgeting to pay off credit cards, looking to buy a home, save yourself from foreclosure, or just want to become more fluent in your financials, you absolutely need to give our coaches a call!” exclaims HomeOwnership Center Director, Erica Mills. “Our Financial Coaches can really change your life. They can help illustrate your spending habits, what to fix in terms of your credit to qualify for a loan, and they can help you navigate the tricky waters of foreclosure. They all have deep knowledge and a skillset perfect for helping the regular person understand financial information and become financially literate.”

Financial Coaching is one of the recommended first steps the organization recommends to any new clients. The session is a private financial assessment to develop your roadmap to reach a client’s financials goals and determine which of the programs and services may offer you the best support. It is a requirement for most of the services and programs offered by the organization. By changing the coaching fee to free, the hope is to attract anyone and everyone in our Douglas, Coos, and Curry County service area.

Through a combination of specialized education, counseling, and coaching we promote development opportunities for everyone. Sign up for a workshop or class and see how partnering with NeighborWorks Umpqua can lead to your success. Call 541-673-4909 or email receptionist@nwumpqua.org to schedule your appointment today!