Myrtle Creek, OR (May 21, 2019) NeighborWorks Umpqua is looking for two final applicants for its home build in Myrtle Creek. One property can comfortably fit a two bedroom, two bathroom home and the other can be built to suit up to three bedrooms. With construction due to begin soon, this is your final chance to build your home in the Gallahad Loop neighborhood. Safe and affordable housing for rent can be hard to find in our rural communities. If you are renting your home or an apartment, why not become a homeowner? With the DreamBuilders program from NeighborWorks Umpqua, you can become a homeowner with low mortgage payments and an equity building property.  DreamBuilders offers a group of families the chance to become homeowners thanks to a “sweat equity” approach to homeownership.

Under the supervision of a skilled construction manager, these families learn new skills, build community with their future neighbors, enjoy affordable mortgage payments, and build equity upon finished construction. These are not manufactured homes.  With over 40 homes built in Douglas County in the mid-2000s, NeighborWorks Umpqua is excited to bring the program back to its rural service area thanks to funding from the USDA’s Self-Help Housing Program, HUD, and Community Frameworks.

“The deadline to build with our first group is coming up and we want to make sure our community knows,” explained Erica Mills, HomeOwnership Center (HOC) Director. “If you are over 18, looking for a 2, 3 or 4 bedroom home, don’t currently own a home, and meet USDA Rural Development credit standards , you may be able to join the program and build your very own home.  With experience from our previous self-help home builds and funding courtesy of the USDA, we have the capacity to complete the next two builds.   We intend to continue delivering this service within Southern Oregon as long as there is demand, so we need your help in getting the word out to make sure these next two builds are filled.”

During the first year, DreamBuilders will build 14 new homes atn build sites located in Myrtle Creek and Roseburg. After this introductory period, NeighborWorks Umpqua plans to consistently build 10-12 new homes on an annual basis throughout its service area in Southern Oregon. The home design is a contemporary ranch with a garage. The plans were developed by a local architect named Dallas Horn. The homes will range in size from 960 – 1,440 square feet, depending on the family needs and the land. NeighborWorks Umpqua is able to help participants finance their home with a 502 Direct Loan. The loan is a direct loan from the government with long payoff terms and low-interest to help ensure families can comfortably afford the homes.

From 2004-2008, NeighborWorks Umpqua built over 40 new homes in Sutherlin, Winston, Green, and Myrtle Creek. The first build site will return to Myrtle Creek to add 5 new homes to the subdivision and will look to add at least 9 new homes in Roseburg. Both builds are looking for applicants to round out their rosters. For more information on the qualifications or to apply for the service, please visit www.nwumpqua.org/dreambuilders or call 541-673-4909.