NeighborWorks Umpqua is excited to announce a new opportunity for local investment

Coos Bay, OR (July 12, 2019) NeighborWorks Umpqua’s Food System Team is requesting input on business investment opportunities related to the south coast commercial fishing and agriculture community. The Food Systems Project has continued to catalog business investment opportunities across our local food economy and has $25,000 in investment funds to allocate towards any private or semi-private fisheries or agriculture project that may strengthen the economies of our local communities. The Food System Project is seeking input by July 31 to help complete the inventory; please share any seafood/fisheries/agricultural investment opportunities that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Project opportunities must increase the economic value of local, traceable seafood and agriculture while improving the vitality of the south coast commercial fishing and agricultural economy;
  • Investments must have general community support, with the potential to lead to further long-term collaborations;
  • Projects must impact the community positively in a measurable way by addressing a critical need in the fishing or agriculture industry

If your business, farm, Port, or community has a critical need to address within the commercial fishing or agriculture industry for these initial or for future investment funds, we want to hear it. The initial $25,000 investment, but will also be used by the NWU Food System Team to find additional funding opportunities for this region. Our first business investment will be selected in July 2019. Preference is given toward opportunities that show an adequate business plan, any in-kind participation, and/or community support.  Letters of interest for subsequent investments are also welcomed.

Applications for the Business Investment Opportunities program are due by July 31. For additional information or to apply, contact Michelle Martin at mmartin@nwumpqua.org or (541) 414-6368.