It was a rainy Friday morning when the crew of the local tree service business, Oregon Tree Works, started preparing the site for their latest project, a home surrounded by overgrown trees and greenery. This home is also a part of one of NeighborWorks Umpqua’s Community Development Block Grant repair sites. After meeting with the homeowner earlier this year, our support staff slated the home for a full roof repair. Unfortunately, the thick trees and overgrown lot would have made it impossible to fix the roof. Each property has a tight budget to cover the repairs according to the grant award and it looked like the budget would be used up in the process of clearing a path for the roof repair. Thankfully, Oregon Tree Works was there to help!

“This project is a great way for us to give back to our community,” explained Oregon Tree Works owner, Kody Williams. Kody is an ISA Certified Arborist® and is TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment) qualified. He has an extensive background in forest management and tree care both internationally (New Zealand and Canada) and in Oregon. Kody guarantees the quality of all work conducted by Oregon Tree Works, and takes pride in his team’s ability to tackle difficult jobs safely and efficiently. He formed Oregon Tree Works to provide professional, yet affordable, tree care to residents of Douglas County.

Kody and his team were very thorough in their assessment of the work that needed to be done. They gave a realistic time frame for the work, which fit into the time frame we needed in order to start the roof repair. Kody and his team showed up early and were very professional and respectful, making efficient use of their time on the project. Thanks to Oregon Tree Works’ generous donation of services and time, we are able to continue our plans for the roof repair without delay.

The Oregon Tree Works team donated an estimated $6,000 in tree services to help our CDBG repair staff make room to replace the property owner’s roof. If your business is looking for a way to give back to the local community through a donation of time or service, ask NeighborWorks Umpqua how you can help! We have numerous ways that you can give back to your local community and would be happy to create customized opportunities for your company’s skills and staff. To learn more, reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Becky, at 541-673-4909 or email rmckenney@nwumpqua.org.