The Oregon IDA Initiative builds hopes and dreams in communities across the state. Oregonians with low incomes work with trusted community-based partners to save money towards a goal, and their hard work is rewarded with a match from Initiative funds. You can help fuel this important work with a donation to the Initiative, which will be matched by a tax credit towards your personal state income tax.

We know that assets are the key to individual, family, and community success. An investment in a home, a small business, an education, or other important asset adds stability and a foundation for success. Supporting the Oregon IDA Initiative means supporting people like Charmaine Reddix, who through her IDA was able to save for and purchase her first home for herself and her two children, and then to graduate from college. Looking towards her future, Charmaine states, “There was a dark tunnel, and now there’s light. It feels like a goal that I’ve accomplished. The possibilities are endless now.”

The Initiative relies totally on the generous support of donors. We are grateful for donations of any amount – from $5 up to the limit of $500,000 worth of tax credits! You can donate by check, online by credit card, or with a donation of stock. Donors receive a tax credit at a rate of 90%. Donating is a great way to pre-pay state taxes while supporting a life-changing program. The Initiative accepts donations by check, wire transfer, credit card, or contributions of stock. You can learn more about the Initiative, the tax credit and donating on the Oregon IDA Initiative website or by reaching out directly to Hannah Waterman, IDA Marketing Manager.