Down Payment Assistance Pre-approval Documents

Qualifying is easy.
Please have these documents list below ready for pre-approval. You can also download this list for saving or printing.

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of one-month income (paystubs and other sources) for all borrowers
  • Last 3 years Federal Tax Returns (signed) with all W2s/1099s
  • Copy of DD-214 (if applicable, for veteran eligibility)

List of required documentation for final loan approval:

  • HUD Certified Home Buyer Education Certificate of Completion
  • Fully executed Purchase Agreement with all amendments
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Appraisal or other evidence of property valuation
  • Evidence of insurance and/or agent contact information
  • Evidence of loan approval from purchase mortgage lender AND 
    • First mortgage loan application (1003)
    • Loan Estimate or Good Faith Estimate
    • Credit report

Ready for pre-approval?
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