DreamBuilders Recruitment: 20 Families Will Have the Opportunity to Build their Own Homes

Sept. 18, 2020

NeighborWorks Umpqua (NWU) is recruiting for our DreamBuilders mutual-self help homeownership program. DreamBuilders is a “sweat equity” approach to homeownership: families participating in the program will learn to build their own homes, working in a group with other families under the supervision of a skilled construction manager provided by NWU. NWU also assists the participating families to secure an affordable mortgage loan through USDA that will pay for the construction materials, the lot, and other expenses. The homes are well-designed, energy efficient, and use quality materials. Plus, there is the satisfaction of knowing that you built your own home. 

Participants in DreamBuilders learn new skills, build community with their future neighbors, enjoy affordable mortgage payments, and will end up owning a home that will build equity. The DreamBuilders model is designed to assist families who are unable to purchase quality, secure housing that is affordable through conventional methods. The sweat-equity helps keep construction costs down. Participants in the program must be willing to contribute a minimum of 35 hours of labor per week for approximately 8 to 12 months. The size of the group varies, but generally consists of 8-10 families. 

“DreamBuilders really builds on our promise to be collaborative partners with our rural communities in issues related to housing, finance, and community,” explains Director of Acquisitions and Development, Brian Shelton-Kelley. “NeighborWorks Umpqua recognizes a state-wide need for homes that are affordable to families looking to start their homeownership journey, and DreamBuilders provides that opportunity.”

NWU is planning a build in Douglas County starting in 2021 and is currently looking for applicants.

If you are interested in DreamBuilders but you aren’t ready to build the spring of 2021, you can be added to the waitlist for a future build.

Learn more or find out how to qualify.

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