IDA Dream$avers Program Changes

Funding sources and administrative regulations for the statewide IDA program are changing. NeighborWorks Umpqua will not be able to accept any 2020 Dream$avers IDA applications at this time.

If you are a current IDA customer and have questions about the program, please reach out to your coach. 

2020 has brought about many changes and challenges for our communities and organizations and NeighborWorks Umpqua continues to strive to meet the needs of both in the most meaningful ways possible.  As such, there are several changes happening with our organization, including how we operate our IDA program, Dream$avers.  

As of July this year, NeighborWorks Umpqua (NWU) has become a Financial Opportunity Center (FOC).  Becoming an FOC will allow NWU to better serve our communities in a more strategic and structured manner.   

Across the nation, we are seeing significant funding changes to programs that have been in place for decades, including the statewide IDA program and many others.  The timing of our shift to the FOC is ideal and will allow us to provide a more holistic approach to working with folks in the community.   

The FOC model is focused on financial and employment coaching skills and will allow NWU to act as a conduit and connector to many tools and resources available in our community.  This includes many of our current programs, including the Dream$avers program. Currently, our Dream$avers program is fully allocated, but feel free to contact our Financial Opportunity Center about how to access our other available resources. 

Financial Opportunity Center

Build Your Credit and Savings with 1:1 Financial Coaching

  • one-on-one financial coaching 
  • financial education  
  • low-cost financial products that help build credit, savings and assets
  • employment and career coaching

We will connect clients to providers who offer income supports such as food stamps, utilities assistance and affordable health insurance. We are providing these services in an integrated way—rather than as stand-alone services like the IDA program—and with a long-term commitment to helping clients reach their goals. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an FOC coach, please call 541-673-4909 or email info@nwumpqua.org.