Heartwood ReSources: Record Sales

Sept. 18, 2020

In spite of the challenges of 2020 so far, General Manager Marla Zoeter of Heartwood ReSources in Roseburg has a lot to feel encouraged about. Not only is staff back to work after a closure due to COVID-19 in the spring, they are seeing record sales days at the store.

Heartwood closed its doors in late March and re-opened on May 18, in part driven by strong customer demand. Assistant Manager Daniel Rider reports that sales have been very brisk since they re-opened. “We set a record for sales in June!  A big thank you to all the do-it-yourselfers, pickers, and people who can always think of new uses for old materials for coming back to shop at Heartwood. Them showing back up when we re-opened helped us work even harder to help customers.”

Rider has also welcomed three new job training workers this summer to help with the busy operations. Workforce Solutions, a local employment agency, is partnering with Heartwood to provide an eight-week training experience for unemployed workers.

Rider shares that he really enjoys supervising the temporary workers. “I enjoy teaching them and helping them better their skills so they can succeed. If they are willing to try, then I am going to go out of my way to help them.”

Learn more about Heartwood’s job training programs, its mission, or to donate materials.

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John from Heartwood Resources and Nick from Great Northern Trailer Works stand in front of a trailer purchased with grant funds. The trailer will be used to pick up recycled materials to increase store inventory.