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Our customers achieve financial freedom and stability through our one-on-one personal coaching. Many have improved their net income, become homeowners, retained their homes, improved their credit scores and gained a new career or degree.

Learn about how to get ready to buy a home, what financial courses can do for you, and our 1:1 coaching sessions.

First-time Homeowner Builds a Financial Foundation

“I cried the day I got my keys. I always worked and nothing was never handed to me, but I feel like I have received a gift. It was eye-opening – it showed me that every step we take in our lives matters. I don’t even have words for the gratitude I feel – thank you, thank you. When you have an opportunity like this, it really makes a profound impact on your life."

Financial Freedom through Establishing a Career and a Home

“I never thought I would go to school. I never thought I would buy a home… and then it happened,” stated Sarah Pollack, a new graduate and a first-time homebuyer, in amazement. As a single mom with a son that has cerebral palsy, Sarah had a hard time saving money as she was not able to work full time and take care of her son. She had financial barriers to break-through from the past that were a result of her dropping out of high school and making unsound choices.

Building a Home and a Career

"At first, I didn't know how much a new house would cost and thought I probably couldn't afford it. Before this, I didn't know how to build. I learned a lot, I switched careers and gained a lot of confidence. Without this program I would not have been able to do any of this. We built it!"

502 Loans: A Family of Seven Moves into a Home

“We were all beyond excited. The hardest part came next. We waited for our turn [to get a loan]. It seemed like forever, but we kept working hard and paying our bills, saving money wherever we could. Then our turn came up and we picked out a house. It was perfect. We are so thankful.”


Achieving Homeownership, Education and a Salary Increase

“NeighborWorks Umpqua has had a tremendous effect on my goals: obtain a higher paying job and homeownership. Thank you, NWU, for giving me a hand up to better financial stability.”

erik truck

Reliable Transportation for Work and Financial Security

Dream$avers has been an amazing opportunity. Before entering this program I would never have imagined I would be the owner of a reliable vehicle. For most of my life I have only had cars that are old and unreliable. Often there would be issues impacting my ability to get to work or important life events. I also learned important lessons that will aid me in reaching my savings and financial goals. I feel more prepared and financial secure to tackle any curve balls life may throw my way.

Going from Poor Credit to Good Credit

"Oregon’s IDA initiative has changed my life by bringing my awareness to the importance of saving and building positive credit. By being involved in this savings program, I have felt hope that I can achieve goals that until now were far beyond my reach. That really says it all, but there is more; I enjoy doing my budget, managing my credit card balances, and paying my bills on time. I love the concept of paying myself or investing in myself and my family first. I have gone from poor credit to good credit while in this program and have a firm understanding on how to continue in this direction." — N. Beasley

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Connect With A Coach

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