Customer Success

Our customers achieve financial freedom and stability through our one-on-one personal coaching. Many have improved their net income, become homeowners, retained their homes, improved their credit scores and gained a new career or degree.

First-time Homeowner Builds a Financial Foundation

“I cried the day I got my keys. I always worked and nothing was never handed to me, but I feel like I have received a gift. It was eye-opening – it showed me that every step we take in our lives matters. I don’t even have words for the gratitude I feel – thank you, thank you. When you have an opportunity like this, it really makes a profound impact on your life."

Financial Freedom through Establishing a Career and a Home

“I never thought I would go to school. I never thought I would buy a home… and then it happened,” stated Sarah Pollack, a new graduate and a first-time homebuyer, in amazement. As a single mom with a son that has cerebral palsy, Sarah had a hard time saving money as she was not able to work full time and take care of her son. She had financial barriers to break-through from the past that were a result of her dropping out of high school and making unsound choices.

Building a Home and a Career

"At first, I didn't know how much a new house would cost and thought I probably couldn't afford it. Before this, I didn't know how to build. I learned a lot, I switched careers and gained a lot of confidence. Without this program I would not have been able to do any of this. We built it!"

502 Loans: A Family of Seven Moves into a Home

“We were all beyond excited. The hardest part came next. We waited for our turn [to get a loan]. It seemed like forever, but we kept working hard and paying our bills, saving money wherever we could. Then our turn came up and we picked out a house. It was perfect. We are so thankful.”


Achieving Homeownership, Education and a Salary Increase

“NeighborWorks Umpqua has had a tremendous effect on my goals: obtain a higher paying job and homeownership. Thank you, NWU, for giving me a hand up to better financial stability.”

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Connect With A Coach

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